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3LEX is based on a vision that the future of humans is intertwined with the multitude of devices around them. They could be intelligent by themselves, semi-intelligent or have no intelligence at all. But, there is no denying that they are going to be a seamless part of lives. We are creating solutions for such machines to operate at ease and make your life better.

Our focus is on software, data science, hardware and physical design needed to fulfill this vision. We develop products as well as offer consulting services to our clients.



We are an official Z-Wave Integrator and Certified Installer. We have a strong relationship with ZWave to bring about near-field Home Automation and IoT solutions.


We are an ARM MBed Partner. We offer consulting, product design and development for ARM Boards.

Softlayer by IBM

We are a part of the IBM Softlayer Catalyst program for Innovative Startups.


We build voice solutions with Twilio, around the world.


We build SMS solutions with Plivo, for accessibility over 200+ countries.

Mailgun by Rackspace

We work with Mailgun for solutions demanding very highly available email services.


Stripe is our de-facto Payment API of choice. We prefer their ease of use, excellent UX and amazing services. We are part of their Atlas Program for Innovative startups.


We bill some legacy clients through PayPal, to make it very reliable and easy for them. They do not have to worry about lack of payment methods.


We work with ForgeRock for rock-solid Enterprise Authentication and Authorization. We are a MSP as well as an Integrator.

Red Clay

We look towards Red Clay when it comes to amazing customer facing design.



We consult on a wide variety of verticals. We bring in an agile and balanced process to a client project. All of our solutions are completely customized and very easy to implement. We offer offline and online models for consulting.


We offer training and mentorship programmes suited for your organization's needs. We believe in a hands on model, so all of our material is always accompanied with practice. We also cover valuable anecdotes, and practical issues found in production and deployment.


Our unique storytelling with data sets us apart from most Analytics providers. We are typically known to foster in-house analytical capabilities that combine disparate pieces of data into a logical whole.


We have amazing mobile developers who have built entire cross-platform frameworks and applications which are in use by millions of people. We create mobile solutions as part of our enterprise offerings.


We take security seriously. The solutions we have created for compliance have been used successfully in Fortune 10 companies.


We have managed many thousands of hosts in our deployments, and we know what can go wrong and how. We are champs in configuration management, build and deployment processes. We have built components that build clouds, and how!


When it comes to custom kernels, firmware changes and tiny devices - say no more. We build embedded software that just works.


We design to solve practical problems. Our designs are unique, friendly and they are hand made for you. Our designs are an intersection of your team, your vision and your commitments.



Very soon most of your home will be filled with devices. Each like a vital organ making you complete. We will be making it easy for you and your home to be well connected and give you a better life.


Most of your automobiles have multiple parts in it which need regular health check and maintainence. Our products will make it easy for you to see this real-time and help you keep your travel cheaper and more environment friendly.


Future athletics will be surrounded by devices something more than smartphones - healthcare bands, smart shoes, smart watches, virtual reality and other communication/sensing devices. We are devising solutions which can help you perform better and faster.


Our lives require complex analysis of everything. Including the most important thing - Health. 3LEX will make it easy for to keep your's and your family's health in check. 3LEX will also seamless integrate your pre- and post- hospitalization care right into your hands.


Most of today's manufacturing is done with robots. They need to sense, analyze and intelligently make decisions. We are working on solutions to make sure your processes run smooth and produce world-class products.

Drones & UAVs

Civilian drones and UAVs will be everywhere around us helping us in logistics, natural disasters and many other applications. We are devising solutions which can optimize drone movement and real-time tracking of them.

Oil & Gas

Fuels run our lives and is no secret. We make solutions for both consumers and industries. Industries can manage, analyze and gather intelligence for better marketing and optimization.

Smart Cities

City Infrastructure and services can be made more efficient by combining sensors, actuators and real-time data feedback. Traffic control, natural resource intake, waste management and city farming can give cleaner, prosperous and hassle free life.


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